Watch Hyd Activist: Vijay Gopal’s Complaint to HRC, Notice Issued to TS Govt.

An RTI Activist from Hyderabad, Vijay Gopal filed a complaint with State Human Rights Commission about the basic amenities and equipments missing in the hospitals. After taking due notice of the complaint, the State H.R.C has issued notice to the State Commissioner to submit an inquiry report by the 2nd  Nov'15.

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RTI activists complaint is was that the reply received from the State Health Commissioner said that all the hospitals that come under Telangana Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad (TVVP) are equipped with diesel generators while the reality is that most of the Urban Community Health Centres do not have generators or have generators which are not in a working condition. The Sitaphalmandi Urban Health Centre does not even have water connection, doctor deliver their services with emergency lamps in the event of a power failure which is a very common factor in the city, No Operation Theatre either.

Here is the response from the hospital for an RTI Filed asking for the availability of the facilities. (Sitaphalmandi)


Below is the RTI response from the state health department that says all the TVVP hospitals are equipped with diesel generators.


Team HCO.iN hopes that the State H.R.C takes a serious note of this flaw and take action against the erring officials and fix the issue within a stipulated timeline.

We have a government that has spent approximately 35 crore rupees so far on just getting the convoy's upgraded, total of 15+ crores on Bathukamma festival in the last 2 years, while 30 crores were spent during Bonalu & Raman in 2014 & another 10 crores spent in 2015.

We hope our politicians realize that we need to take a serious look at prioritizing our requirements and ensure basic facilities at school & colleges, Hostels & Hospitals are not blatantly ignored as they are today.

Honorable Human Rights Commission, request you take action against the erring officials.

Jai Hind.