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RTI Activist or RTI Activists or a Social Activist from India?

Yes, are you aware of any RTI Activists? or any one who is making a difference in the society by any means ? Then please let us know about or write a blog about them or yourself and give yourself of them a platform they deserve.blogger 3

Share with us the RTI copy, your experience, reply you received for your RTI application and we will post it here on the website under Citizens blog.

If you have ever filed an RTI about any of the issues you were facing and experienced an impact of it. Please do share it with us and we will be more than happy to share the same with our website viewers.

RTI Activists have always made an impact which the naggers have not been able to. You can learn about RTI Act 2005 here and become an RTI activist and help others become RTI activists themselves and do you bit in the society.

You can also file an RTI application with Central govt. by clicking here and learn the process, procedure and end to end details of RTI and its results here.

Are you aware of the impact the RTI Act has made to our country and how the authorities have been held accountable for their action or their inaction in the line of their duty? Did you know that RTI Act is the reason for many scams in our country to have come to light? Did you know that a lot of great leaders have made an impact in the society with RTI Act by filing an RTI application and getting the answers they would never have!?

A lot of the young folks in our country are either not aware of this RTI Act or want to learn as to what it is.This is the place where you can learn and become aware of this RTI Act 2005 and make a difference in your life and your society.

yes, Arvind Kejriwal (Currently Delhi CM) also started out as an RTI activist and social activist and then we all know what ….!!you can also find out about the state Lokayukta Hyderabad and file an RTI Application with Indian Central govt. here

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Jai Hind.

Complain to GHMC Hyderabad City Online.iN about your stray dogs, roads & lot more also educate about RTI Act, Lokayukta & empower you to fix your problems yourself.