Author Amitav Ghosh hosted by Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of ‘In-Residence’ programme

Rashtrapati Bhavan, President, president's house, author, writer, in-residence, raisina hill Author Amitav Ghosh will be hosted by the President’s House from July 10 to July 14

As part of the Rashtrapati Bhavan’s ‘In-Residence’ programme which is aimed at providing writers and artists an opportunity to stay in the Raisina Hill, eminent author Amitav Ghosh will stay in the President’s House from July 10 to 14.

The ‘In-Residence’ programme in Rashtrapati Bhavan was launched by the President of India on December 11, 2013 with the aim of providing writers and artists an opportunity to be a part of the life in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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Ghosh is an award-winning author and essayist whose books include – The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, In An Antique Land, Dancing in Cambodia, The Calcutta Chromosome, The Glass Palace, The Hungry Tide and The Ibis Trilogy: Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke and Flood of Fire.

The Programme seeks to provide an environment which will inspire creative thinking and rejuvenate artistic impulses. It is intended to honour and recognize eminent and established artists and writers as well as young upcoming talent from different parts of the country. The first person to stay in Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of the programme was eminent artist and Member of Parliament, Jogen Choudhury.

Invitations for this programme have been also extended to Sculptor Subodh Gupta and Artist Paresh Maity. Around 140 persons have been part of these ‘In-Residence’ programmes till date.

Source: India News – IExpress

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